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Robe chemisier longue à la cheville présentant une grande ampleur de tissu, imprimé exclusif en soie de bambou. Elle peut se porter ceinturée ou non pour un look plus cool.

L'imprimé est une exclusivité AML Paris.

- Manches au poignet, 70 cm environ,
- Longueur depuis l'épaule : 135 cm environ (pour un 38)
- Conçue en France et fabriquée en Inde dans les ateliers de notre partenaire à Jaipur
- 100% Bambou

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100% certified organic bamboo, bamboo fiber is fluid and soft. Easy to maintain, it is machine washed at 30 degrees after washing the garment a few times on its own to fix the color. Remember to close all the buttons and use washing nets to preserve the beauty of your clothes and extend their life. 


  • FOR ITS SOFTNESS => bamboo fiber is incredibly soft which makes bamboo clothing very comfortable to wear.
  • IT HIGHLIGHTS MOVEMENTS AND APPROACH => in addition to being soft, bamboo fiber is light and flexible and gives a fluid and sensual movement to the garment.
  • A SOLID AND ANTI-BACTERIAL FIBER => The textile fibers obtained from bamboo are very strong; moreover, bamboo is a rot-resistant plant and its fibers have the advantage of being anti-bacterial
  • FOR ITS LOW WATER CONSUMPTION => growing bamboo does not require fertilizers or pesticides and grows very quickly while consuming little water

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