Comment bien choisir sa tenue le matin ?

How to choose the right outfit in the morning?

Anne-Marie Lecordier is a star of style advice and shares here some ideas for getting dressed quickly in the morning by finding the right tone. 


Style advice: how to choose the right outfit in the morning?

It works upstream! There are no secrets because we have nothing for nothing.

  1. Compose and identify the looks you like: you take a picture of yourself when you like an outfit and you start your look diary. You need easy outfits, and everyone has their own definition
  2. Comfort is important on a daily basis: knowing your body type perfectly and knowing the clothes in which you are really good ... a good outfit is one that you do not think about once you walk through your door!
  3. Every day, highlight at least one part of your body that you like with your outfit: the wrist, the waist, the neckline, an ankle, the neck! It's up to you to know what you like to highlight and to know yourself!
  4. Have beautiful timeless basics in beautiful materials: wool, beautiful poplins

Anne-Marie's advice: in moments of letting go, reconnect to your creativity, take a step back, and above all, look at yourself! 


Tools to choose the right outfit and find out what suits you?

Find out what suits you by visiting this page of my site. With the help of tests and a tailor-made digital tool offered by our partner MyVestiaire, you will learn to identify your figure, your color palette, choose your clothes and give several lives to those who already make up your wardrobe. . 

So this morning, are you feeling more chic or casual? 

Chic ou Casual: choisissez votre look ce matinChic ou casual: je choisis mon look ce matin avec AML Paris

If like me you fall for the Indra dress in its timeless white Mosaic print, follow the link.  


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