We want the parts we design to accompany you without complicating your life. All dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and pants have pockets and they are all easy to care for!

Machine wash at 30 ° C

All our clothes go through the machine at 30 degrees. Remember to wash it 2/3 times on its own to fix the color. As with all my color machines, I use a reusable anti-fade wipe like this.

Remember to close all the buttons and use washing nets to preserve the beauty of your clothes and extend their life. 


Let the garment air out

Once the garment is worn, let it air out by laying it flat on a chair before putting it away in the wardrobe: this will save you one or two washes because it is not necessary to wash our clothes each time they are used.


Use moth balls in your cupboards

Moths are the nightmare of all natural fibers ... consider placing moth repellents in your cabinets. We recommend for example those cedar wood to hang marketed by Maison Empereur in Marseille. It's Marie Robert, from @philosophyissexy advised us!

Bloc cèdre Anti-mites à suspendre pour entretenir vos pièce AML Paris - chez Maison Empereur


Perfume your cabinets and drawers

Opening a cupboard that smells good is a daily pleasure, so why go without? There are many ways to scent them: lavender sachets, a piece of Marseille soap placed in the cupboard (also good Anti-moth). We particularly like the products of the Kerzon House 


Iron your parts ... I don't, but Anne-Marie will tell you that it's essential :-)

To be honest me (Sophie), I hang them, I don't curl them and I stroke them but I don't iron them ... and bamboo silk is great for that! But Anne-Marie will advise you to always go out with a well-ironed piece :-). When I arrive at her place, she often suggests that I put on a dressing gown while I iron my dress !! 



  • FOR ITS SOFTNESS => bamboo fiber is incredibly soft which makes bamboo clothing very comfortable to wear.
  • IT HIGHLIGHTS MOVEMENTS AND APPROACH => in addition to being soft, bamboo fiber is light and flexible and gives a fluid and sensual movement to the garment.
  • A SOLID AND ANTI-BACTERIAL FIBER => The textile fibers obtained from bamboo are very strong; moreover, bamboo is a rot-resistant plant and its fibers have the advantage of being anti-bacterial
  • FOR ITS LOW WATER CONSUMPTION => growing bamboo does not require fertilizers or pesticides and grows very quickly while consuming little water


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I wish you the best use of your AML Paris coin!