To design the 2020 collection, Anne-Marie Lecordier was inspired by the style, the joy and the freedom of the 70s. Her muses are Lee Radziwill, Diane Keaton, Catherine Deneuve, Monica Vitti or Marisa Berenson. 

These women embody a generous glamor, full of gaiety, light and refined.



"I am who I am and I don't add more." The AML woman is a charismatic and radiant woman; she exudes a free and generous elegance and radiates a great confidence in herself which breathes a wind of lightness and cheerfulness to those who rub shoulders with her. She doesn't impose it. She pulls the others up just by being there. Present.

She is very curious. Of all. A great reader. She has no preconceptions and may tend to allow herself to be swayed. Because it is permeable to others. She feeds on others, on their contact, the better to return to her interiority. She is a woman with a complex personality, rich in many facets. You never hear her say "I don't have time", she always has time. And she takes all her time to do a lot of things. She has learned to accept her creative side and a form of apparent frivolity; it plays with them to better cover their tracks.

She embodies the Italian Sprezzatura: that "je ne sais quoi", that form of casualness, of the ability to give an appearance of ease, ease and naturalness to everything. She actually communicates a consistency between her inner life and what she sends back. It is the fruit of introspection, of a journey in itself.

Because her inner life is rich and despite hardships, she always bounces back because joy and optimism are screwed into her. 

She loves clothes, she loves the touch of the material, their movement which gracefully accompanies her approach. She loves every room in her locker room and taking care of it is important to her; she wears each piece for different occasions and she loves this versatility because each moment adds soul to the garment. Her wardrobe is unique, each room tells it.

She travels a lot: she gets intoxicated with smells, tastes, sounds and always brings back a dress that she wears throughout the year. She loves colors, prints and never wonders what others will think. She chooses her outfit based on how she wants to feel, the character she wants to play, the side she wants to reveal. Consciously or not. She's pretty instinctive.

She agrees to take her place, with style and without ostentation. "

Portrait written by Sophie Ancely, co-founder of