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Cashmere stole

Cashmere stole

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Hand-woven and embroidered cashmere stole.

Size : 100cm x 200cm

*Originally, cashmere comes from a very fine Indian fabric woven with the deep layer of hair from goats from Kashmir or Tibet, known to be wild and living at altitude, particularly around Kashmir at the foot of the Himalayas.

*Our animal cashmere is harvested by our artisans by hand, in the traditional way, by combing and not by machine. This operation, although longer, is less stressful for the goats and allows the fibers to be harvested without damaging them.

*The price is also a good indicator. Indeed “cashmere” and “cheap” don’t often go together. Animal cashmere being a rare and seasonal material, its price remains high and stable over time.

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